Types of Ceiling Fans

Types of Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan is quite an essential amenity that serves efficiently in hot summer days. It provides various advantages along with a low consumption of energy. The market is pro with the latest models which modified with more advanced properties, evolved features and distinctive styles to sustain our variable necessitate. Various types of the best ceiling fans are up to grab in the market let it discuss one by one in the below lines.

Ceiling Fans With Double Motors

Types of Ceiling FansThis type of fan contains a dual-motor system that produced elevated speed and power. Ceiling fan along two motors generates more torque than a single motor system but it covers more areas with maximum speed range. This said to be the best choice if you are looking for something which balances beauty and substance then it would be the perfect choice for you. It also called a double head fan or two lighting fan with a dual structure, dual fans are perfectly adjustable as per your requirements. It looks more decorative than a single rod fan and can be adjusted on the required speed.

Energy Savers (five stars) Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fans is specially designed to save energy and provides more speed than other old models. Five-star units are far better than other types because it saves the bulk of dollars and it has a distinctive impact on the environment. These multi-feature fans are available in both low profile and standard choices. These five-star ceilings are created to generate more speed along with less consumption of power. It is been categorized by a federal environmental protection agency in account to guide users to pick environment-friendly products. Ceiling fans with five-star classification are 20% fewer energy consumers than others, it becomes 50% efficient if it attached to light features.

Fans For Commercial Use

Business spaces are usually different than homes therefore different ceiling fans are used for commercial locations. This model specially designs to cover a large area required within one installment. The heavy motor which attached to multiple blades helps to deliver appropriate airflow throughout the large area. Commercial fans are adjustable in assembling and installation, you can add or remove blades from its structure. It can turn into a ventilating fan, or exhaust system to prevent the ceiling from condensation, these fans are designed to cover large or long area effectively by their powerful motors and other blades attachments. These fans are used in lands, greenhouses, garages, restaurants and poultry spaces.

Ceiling Fans With Remote Control System

Types of Ceiling FansThis remote control ceiling fan type offers you to operate your roof fan just through finger press. Remote control function helps you to set speed, the direction of blade and light change. This simple press button system provides you an opportunity to adjust fan as per your necessitate. Remote fans are in reach through buttons and you can operate its functions easily while lay on the bed. Now due to recent technology, some brands offer you to be synched fan through your smart devices too. This model has quite a proficiency in functioning, style, finishes, and technology.